A New Voice for the City of Falls Church 


I am a lifelong resident of the City of Falls Church and a second generation American. Growing up in the Little City and attending Falls Church schools directly influenced the pursuit of my Master's in Public Policy and inspired my civic work. My engagement in the community began at the City’s Housing and Human Services Department, and continues on as an author of the Affordable Living Policy and as a veteran of the Housing Commission.


Now, I am running for City Council to ensure Falls Church is accessible and affordable for current and future generations. My unique experiences have prepared me for the work that needs to be done - on day one and over the years to come. Trust that this campaign’s top priority will be to enact innovative and inclusive policies, guaranteeing our City continues advancing toward fairness and equality for all Falls Church families. 


Please join me in realizing our City’s vision for a better future – a more welcoming and inclusive community. My commitment to this effort is why I am asking for your vote for Falls Church City Council.


Thank you, 



You may see Team Josh out and about in your neighborhood soon! We've been out talking with voters & delivering yard signs - all within proper social distancing guidelines, of course. Can't wait to see you soon!


My advocacy and work in affordable housing is well established. I have been speaking to concerns around affordability in our community and the region for years. As a member of City Council, I will continue to advocate on behalf of Falls Church families.



  • Preserve Affordable Homes

  • Ease Restrictive Zoning

  • Strengthen the Affordable Housing Fund


  • Improve Public Transit

  • Bolster Local Revenue

  • Prioritize Growth of Small Businesses


  • Increase Access

  • Community Policing Reform

  • Create Racial Equity Commission


  • Expand Traffic Calming 

  • Enhance Green Spaces 

  • Encourage Multimodal Transportation


If housing policies in the City do not change, and if negotiations are not made with landlords of rental buildings, Falls Church will lose hundreds of affordable homes, leaving families, City staff, and people of color with nowhere else to go in our community. I was an analyst for a national affordable housing developer and the Falls Church Housing Corporation, the owner of Winter Hill Apartments. I have the private and public policy knowledge to prevent this impending displacement, and I will introduce innovative ideas to mitigate threats to affordability.


As we continue to mature into a more vibrant City, we must not lose sight of what makes Falls Church great. Our small businesses are the bedrock of our local economy and define the City's character, attracting visitors and new residents from across the region. Having operated a small family business, I understand the commitment and investment small business owners make by opening their doors in Falls Church. It is vital we ensure their prosperity as we grow together.


We are witnessing a national reckoning with systemic racism and the practices of law enforcement. But, the institutionalization of segregation and discrimination are almost always a product of local policy. Our Little City can lead by example, and become a beacon of change. We've made a great start with the Use of Force Committee and discussions of the school name change. We need to do more. As a second generation American, I can speak to the ugly reality of discrimination. On City Council, my voice and unique perspective will help guide our City to a better future.


What I love most about Falls Church is our sustainable planning and design, including bike and pedestrian infrastructure. Two years ago, I traded in my car for a bicycle, and have not looked back. The City needs to expand on this infrastructure, by continuing to add multimodal transportation options, while maintaining a safe and sustainable environment for all who live here.

We are a team of GMHS graduates, professionals, parents, community activists, and volunteers working together to make a progressive change in Falls Church. Your donations will pay for signs, campaign marketing and advertising materials, events, and professional services, to generate and strengthen support for electing Joshua Shokoor for City Council on November 3rd!